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We at AOPL, manufacture and sell industrial and medical gases with manufacturing plants in Ahmedabad, Halol, Surat and a distribution depot in Rajkot. We are also engaged in bulk trading of liquefied gases. Our services also include cryogenic supply systems, associated engineering, construction, installation, training and maintenance.


Industrial gases are the gaseous materials that are manufactured for use in industry. The…


Medical gases are gases used in medical procedures. Some are used for treatment,some for anesthesia, ….


AOPL offers the flexibility of supplying customized gas mixtures to the industries we serve.

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Allied Products

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Who We Are

AOPL is primarily an industrial and medical gases company. Situated in Vadodara, it has 60+ years of business experience and expertise. From a small air separation plant, today AOPL has grown to become a multi-branch filling and distribution entity in the state of Gujarat.


AOPL takes pride in meeting requirements for industrial gas products and equipment that other companies cannot or will not meet.


To persistently deliver value added products and services through consistent innovation, quality control and flexibility to delight the customers of today and tomorrow.


We are determined to give supreme satisfaction to our internal and external stakeholders through integrity, quality, innovative products, transparency and social welfare through BAPS.