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Aims Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. (AOPL) & Metafil Industries tied up to sale & promote METAFIL Welding Products and Services to its accredited customers in India & Outside India.

AOPL through its presence in the market at multiple locations. Our Welding Products & Services reach its accredited customers after passing through one of the most stringent and state-of-the-art processes which ensure zero defect quality and the highest degree of welder appeal and customer satisfaction. Its endeavor is to achieve growth while enhancing customer satisfaction and confidence through the development of innovative products to keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of the welding industry, but without changing our values and beliefs.

Our success is attributed to its commitment to customers and stakeholders through timely response to their needs and expectations on a real-time basis.



         Manual (SMAW Electrodes)                                          Semi-Automatic (Solid & Flux cored wires)

         Carbon steel                                                                     Rutile

         Low alloy steel                                                                 Basic

         Stainless steel                                                                   Cellulosic

         Nickel alloys                                                                      Carbon Steel

         Brass                                                                                  Low Alloy Steel

         Bronze                                                                               Heat Resisting

                                                                                                    Stainless Steel

                                                                                                     Cast iron

                                                                                                     Hard Surfacing

                                                                                                     Cutting & Gouging


         Semi-Automatic (Solid & Flux cored wires)           Semi-Automatic (GMAW | GTAW wires)

         Carbon steel                                                                     Carbon steel

         Low alloy steel                                                                 Low alloy steel

         Stainless steel                                                                   Stainless steel

         Nickel alloys                                                                      Copper

         Brass                                                                                  Brass



        Automatic (SAW wires & fluxes)         Ready-mix (Pre-mixed) fluxes for welding electrode manufacturing

          Carbon Steel                                       Carbon Steel

          Low Alloy Steel                                   Low Alloy Steel

          Stainless Steel                                     Stainless Steel

          Neutral, acidic, basic fluxes              Neutral, acidic, basic fluxes

                                                                          Nickel Alloys

                                                                          Cast Iron

                                                                          Hard Surfacing



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