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Gas Cylinder Hydro Testing Station

Cylinder Test Shop

Aims Oxygen Pvt Ltd. (AOPL) is an Authorized and PESO Approved Cylinder Hydro Testing Station at Panelav, Gujarat bearing License no. A/G/WB/GJ/GCT/11 (G71001).

What is Cylinder hydrotesting?

Hydro Testing of Cylinders, which is also known as the hydrostatic stretch test is the process of testing majorly all Gas Cylinders except Acetylene (such as Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Calibration Gases, Gas Mixtures, and any other Seamless or Welded gas Cylinders irrespective of Cylinder MOC ) for strength and possible leaks. Periodical Hydro testing is often required to validate that the cylinder is working in the proper condition and is suitable to be used in the future for a further specified period.

Why Cylinder hydrotesting?

As per the guidelines of the Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organisation, (PESO), it is mandatory for every High-Pressure Seamless Cylinder to undergo a Periodical Hydro Testing Process after 5 years, or in-between as and when the need arises depending upon the existing condition of the cylinders. 

A cylinder is Normally Periodically Hydraulically Tested at a pressure (called Test pressure) that can be 1.5 times or 1.66 times of working pressure depending upon the manufacturing standard of the cylinder and its MOC. Periodic Hydro testing is carried out to check the elasticity of the cylinder material. Every cylinder material undergoes elastic stress/expansion during each gas-filling process. With time and repetition, this elasticity deteriorates, which is undesirable for safety reasons. This is the reason we need to check the cylinder for its elasticity i.e. to check that after releasing the test pressure, the material of the cylinder gets back to its original position within the specified tolerance limits or not.

We are testing high-pressure gas cylinders as per Indian standards (PESO) and provide our customers with test rings & certificates which are valid for 5 years from the test date of the cylinder. We have all the necessary equipment which is required for cylinder testing. We are handling cylinders with safety & care.


Water jacket method for seamless gas cylinder – high pressure.



Degassing Point:

Degassing point using for degassing the cylinder.

Cylinder Vice:

Cylinder vice using for proper way valving & devalving.

Rumbling Machine:

Rumbling machine using for cylinder internal and external cleaning.

Torque Wrench:

Torque wrench using for proper way valving and devalving. It’s increased the safety of cylinder valve and valve threads.


Borescope using for internal inspection of cylinder.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge:

Ultrasonic thickness gauge is using for testing of wall thickness of cylinder.

Weighing Scale:

Weighing scale is using for measurement of Tare Weight of cylinder.

Gear Vice:

Gear vice is using for handle water filled cylinder.

Over Head Crane:

Over head crane is using for the water filled cylinder movement.

Hydro Test Panel & Water Jacket:

Hydro test Panel and water jacket are using for hydro test as per IS:5844

Heater Blower & Drying Rack:

Heater blower & drying rack is using for the dry cylinder internally after hydro test and remove the moisture.

Spray Painting:

Spray painting is using for cylinder painting.

Cylinder Trolley:

Cylinder trolley using for movement of cylinder.

Cylinder Valve:

If required to change the cylinder valve then we will replace old cylinder valve with high quality cylinder valve.

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