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Soda Ash Light

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Product Name:

Soda Ash Light

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General description :

Natural soda Ash is an alkali chemical refined from trona ore, and it is also known as sodium carbonate or Soda carbonate. Soda ash is a non-toxic, non-flammable and incombustible chemical, and it comes in an odorless powder form. It is accessible in three distinct grades, which are washing soda, light soda ash, and dense soda ash.

Application & Usage:

  • In the detergent manufacturing industry, soda ash light is used to manufacture high-grade detergent powder. It makes detergents and soaps smoother surface.
  • In the glass manufacturing industry, soda ash is used to produce glass containers, fiber glass insulation, and many others, soda ash is required because it decreases the melting point of silica.
  • Soda ash light(NA2CO3) is used for dying clothes, clean air, to soften water and also as a fertilizer.
  • Use of soda ash is to maintain the pH level in a swimming pool, it increases the alkaline level which maintains pH.
  • In the food industry, use of soda ash as an acidity regulator, stabilizer and raising agent.


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