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Argon Carbon Dioxide Mixture

Argon/carbon dioxide blends are versatile mixtures for welding Carbon, Low-Alloy and some Stainless Steels. Increasing the CO2 content will increase weld penetration and bead wetting characteristics. At higher current levels and CO2 content, increased spatter may result


Product Identifier:

Argon Carbon Dioxide Mixture,

Other means of identifications:

AR/CO2, Compressed AR-CO2 Mixture, Argon CO2 Mixture.

CAS Number:

Ar 7440-37-1 CO2 124-38-9


99.9 %



Mode of supply:

Gas cylinder

Uses and application by industries:

Some of the commonly used ratios are as follows:

ARGON 95% - 5% Co2

used for pulsed spray transfer and short-circuiting transfer on a variety of material thicknesses.

ARGON 90% - 10% Co2

For spray transferring mild steel.

ARGON 85% - 15% Co2

used for variety of applications on Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels

ARGON 80% - 20% Co2

used for short-circuiting or spray transfer welding of Carbon Steel.

ARGON 75% - 25% Co2

for short circuiting low carbon steel.

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