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DLP-210x Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders

Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders
Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders are double-walled vacuum vessels with multilayer insulation in the annular space . They are designed for the reliable and economic transportation and storage of liquefied gases at cryogenic temperatures, typically colder than –130°F (–90°C).

Specifications of DPL-210X:

Model No. DPL-210X
Dimensions Diameter*Height(mm) 508*1707
Working Pressure 28.8bar
Pressure Relief Vale 34.5bar
Inner Container Bursting Disc 51.7bar
Maximum Liquid Capacity 210L
Usable Liquid Capacity 197L
GB standard Evaporation Rate (%Capacity per Day) Nitrogen ≤2.4%
Weight – Empty 165kg
Weight of Contents Nitrogen 161 kg


Applicable medium: LO2,LN2,LAR,LCO2,LN2O,LNG.

Design Vertical/Horizontal


  • Durable, easy to manage and operate
  • Different working pressures, 203psig/291psig/460psig available
  • Simple, quick liquid/gasses withdraw
  • Ideal for industrial and medical application use, for LO2/LN2/LCO2 and LAR storage
  • Fire-resistant material heat-insulate inner container winding layer

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