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Argon Hydrogen Mixtures

High-Pressure Seamless Gas cylinder is a pressure vessel for the storage of gases at above atmospheric pressure. High-pressure gas cylinders are also called bottles. Inside the cylinder the stored contents may be in a state of compressed gas, vapor over liquid, supercritical fluid, or dissolved in a substrate material, depending on the physical characteristics of the contents. A typical gas cylinder design is elongated, standing upright on a flattened bottom end, with the valve and fitting at the top for connecting to the receiving apparatus.

High-pressure gas cylinders are manufactured from Seamless Steel Tubes, having material grade 37 Mn (Manganese steel) and 34CrMo4 Chrome Molybdenum steel.

High Pressure Seamless Gas Cylinders are required for the purpose of Filling, Storage and Transport of various gases. These are special types of carbon alloy steel cylinders shells, and the alloy composition depends upon the pressure rating and water volume of the respective cylinders. For low volume and low pressure (Up to 150Kg/Cm2), Manganese Alloy steel is used. For high volume and high pressure (More than 150Kg/Cm2), Chrome Molybdenum alloy steel is used. All the high-pressure seamless cylinders are manufactured as per Indian standards IS: 7285 and are equipped with cylinder filling permissions issued by Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organisation, (PESO), a Department under Central Govt. Ministry of India.

High-pressure steel cylinders can be used for multiple applications: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, mixtures, and many other gases and pressurized liquids.

Generally High-Pressure Seamless Steel Gas Cylinders are categorised as A – Type, B – Type and D – Type.

SpecificationA type CylindersB type CylindersD type Cylinders
IS StandardIS 7285IS 7285IS 7285
Water Capacity5 ltr10 ltr46.7 ltr
Gas Capacity0.75 Cum1.5 Cum7 Cum
Working Pressure150kg/cm2 @ 15 ℃150kg/cm2 @ 15 ℃150kg/cm2 @ 15 ℃
Test Pressure250kg/cm2 @ 15 ℃250kg/cm2 @ 15 ℃250kg/cm2 @ 15 ℃
Outer Diameter108 MM139.7 MM232 MM
Length Of Cylinder725 MM865 MM1360 MM
Tare Weight8.3 KG15.2 KG51 KG

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