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Metal additive manufacturing is a complex process, which is achieved through the interaction and cooperation of different systems. In addition to laser optics and the quality of the material powder, maintaining an inert gas environment within the metal 3D printer also plays an important role in the quality of metal additive manufacturing.

To prevent molten metal elements from reacting with oxygen, metal 3D printing often needs to be operated under the protection of inert gases. The term “inert” means “chemically stable”, so the metal 3D printing process is suitable for feeding metal powder in an inert gas environment, without being polluted by reactive gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air. An inert gas environment is an indispensable condition for the powder bed melting process to ensure that the metal parts being processed are not contaminated by air molecules, which would change the physical and chemical characteristics of the final parts.

Common inert gases are Argon and Nitrogen. Argon gas is applicable to most metal material printing because it won’t react with active metals such as titanium alloy at high temperatures, it is simply for protection, but not involved in production. In addition, the metal additive manufacturing process is always operated in a closed space, so the argon gas can be purified and recycled, which has a great cost advantage in the manufacturing process, so argon has always been an evergreen material in the field of metal additive manufacturing.

So mainly uses argon as the processing environment for the metal additive manufacturing system because argon is an inert gas and the third most abundant gas in the earth’s atmosphere.

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