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Liquid Gas Storage Tank Real-Time Monitoring System

AOPL i-Level Telemetry Device

In 2021, As per PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization), it is mandatory to have a Telemetry Device for every Medical Oxygen Liquid Cryogenic Storage Tank in Hospitals as well as in the premises of Refillers and LMO (Liquid Medical Oxygen) Manufacturers. The installation of Telemetry Devices will help the hospitals/organization to take a timely decision about indenting LMO (Liquid Medical Oxygen) and help LMO Supplier to prioritize the supply of LMO among their customers i.e., hospitals and refillers in turn will reduce the turnaround time of LMO tankers. This will also help oxygen monitoring control rooms to have direct access to the oxygen storage level of all LMO storage vessels in the country during crisis times.

Telemetry device is used in Converting data into real-time information like tank liquid levels in percentages, KL, mmwc, ton, and cubic meter, and measures pressure inside a tank. Telemetry Device measures tank level and pressure with the help of Pressure transducer sensors. These pressure transducer sensors sense the parameter and convert it analog signal to a digital signal. This signal can be accessed from cloud-based android & iOS-based devices.

Telemetry has also GPS tracking facilities to track liquid gas transport tanks with live locations.

The main advantage of Telemetry is that we can monitor tanks from anywhere using the android based mobile application. It is easy to install, cost-effective, and comes with an Onsite screen display, with a power supply of 230V AC/Solar and connection with a cloud server through IoT which can be used by multiple users at a time.

Telemetry also sends re-order levels & alerts for a timely re-order schedule and provides the last 45 days’ history of the level and pressure of the cryogenic storage tank.

AOPL i-Level Telemetry device is mandatory for LMO cryogenic tanks, but it can also be helpful to those tank/tankers owners(management) who are having Argon, Nitrogen, and CO2 tanks installed. Our telemetry devices also work well with all those gas storage tanks.

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