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A safety relief valve or pressure relief valve is a valve that is used to control or limit the pressure in a system that otherwise might build up and create disruption in the process, instrument, or machine failure. Safety Relief Valves are used for safety purposes in any industry. The main objective of a safety valve is the protection of life, property, and the environment. Safety relief valves are used in every industry like Oil and Gas industries, petroleum refining, Petrochemical, Chemical industries, Natural gas processing, and power generation industries.

A safety valve is designed to open and relieve excess pressure from vessels or equipment and to reclose and prevent the further release of fluid after normal conditions have been restored. When the pressure inside any vessel reaches its maximum level, then safety valves automatically open with the help of pressure inside the vessel to reduce the pressure. Without this valve sometimes the vessel can be blasted and may cause several injuries or deaths.

As the safety valve may be the only remaining device to prevent catastrophic failure under overpressure conditions, it is important that any such device can operate at all times and under all possible conditions.

Safety valves should be installed wherever the maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) of a system or pressure-containing vessel is likely to be exceeded. For example, in cryogenic storage tanks, safety valves are typically used for the overpressure protection of gases. Safety Valves are presently used in various industries like Gas, Chemicals, Refineries, Pharmaceuticals, and Oil companies.

For the above, all reasons calibration of the safety relief valve is required timely.

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